Initiative for Community Welfare & Care (ICWC) is a non-governmental organization that facilitates multilateral
support for social and community development programs across developmentally challenged communities in
northern Nigeria. We specifically leverage, and support the rehabilitation of community or public structures like
schools, healthcare and skills acquisition centers largely to enhance the quality of livelihoods for community

OUR MISSION: To build human capital within low income communities to drive social, economic and political
development for individual sustenance, community-wide prosperity and national development. We acheive this
•Provision of access to basic education for indigent children (focus on enrolment, retention, and transitioning to
higher education)
• Creating and improving opportunities for girls
•Scholarship scheme that benefits indigent but smart students (from primary to tertiary institutions)
•Designing and implementing extracuricular activities across public schools
•Capacity building and livelihood skills training  for youth and women
•Influencing government policy on rural and community development.
•Community awareness and sensitization programs.

OUR VISION: Better livelihoods for people, stronger and sustainable communitites across northern Nigeria.
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