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Rigasa Education Project
•Renovating & building classrooms across Rigasa schools
•Donation of books, and setting up Reading Clubs in 6 public schools within Rigasa
•Needs assessment and report of all Rigasa basic education infrastructure
•Special engagement with young girls within Rigasa public schools

Keke Educaation Project
•Renovating and building classrooms within Keke
•Scholarship provided for 30 girls within Keke community
•Engaging policy makers and community stakeholders in improving education within Keke community

Youth & Women Empowerment Project
  •Grants to female-headed households
  •Exposing youth to scholarship and development opportunities at home and abroad
  •Helping indigent, but smart students to access higher education
  •Engaging local policy makers on enhancing youth capacity

Leveraging Technology
  •Creation of IT hubs within low-income communities to bridge rural-urban divide


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