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Youth Empowerment
ICWC has special projects targeted at people between the ages of 16 and 35 in areas of accessing
higher education, and aquiring technical skills:

•We support senior secondary school students with financial help to write transitional exams

•We offer administrative and financial support to students seeking to gain admission into tertiary
institutions (we currently have 15 ICWC higher institution scholars in various universities and
polytechnics in the country).

•We provide technical and administrative support to 2 skills aquisition centers in Kaduna State.

•We help with internship and job placement for graduates of our skills centers.

•We expose young people to scholarship and other developmental opportunities at home and abroad,
while also offering advisory and technical support.

      •We hold a periodic 'sit-down' with our cross-section of beneficiaries to keep abreast of their progress.
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