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Al-Ihsan Learning Centre
· ICWC currently supports the work being done by Aisha Dahriu, (the founder) of Al-Ihsan Learning
Center, Rigasa, which was founded in 2007. The center consists of a nursery and primary school, and a
women empowerment section.

· We were drawn to the center due to the motivating factors that led to its creation, and its record of
achievements. The center was conceived out of the need to provide access to education for the
children of Rigasa community in order to complement the public education.

· The founder converted most of her house including her living area, kitchen and compound into
classrooms for the benefit of teaching mostly underprivileged kids within the community!

· The school section currently serves 150 pupils of which 87 are girls. 63 pupils have graduated from the
primary section and have successfully been enrolled into suitable secondary schools.

· ICWC has so far setup 2 classrooms and provided a desktop computer and educational CDs for the
school; we have also held discussions and mentoring sessions with the women of the center. 

How you can support!

· Provision of learning aids -- textbooks, (old or new!), CDSs etc
· Help with toilet renovation
· Provision of desks or mats

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